Макс Барских - Alive

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Текст песни "Макс Барских - Alive"

Every moment of my life, 
When the sun turns on the light,
Can you make me feel alive, alive, alive, alive?

All the wishes in my mind,
When the day falls into night,
Girl you make me feel alive, alive, alive, alive?

I'm living out of time,
Enjoy my crazy life,
And I won't sleep tonight.

I feel my wings, behind my back,
And nothing can resist.
Until you're here, Untill you're mine,
As long as you exist.


I make mistakes sometimes,
In the world that's full of lies,
But I can close my eyes, tonight.

I'm Leaving fears in the past,
The point is to live,
A dream of you becomes warm,
The reason to stay you give.

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